Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I just had to post a link to 3 Beans Studio, since I won the May Giveaway that she sponsored on her blog!  The May Giveaway, organized and promoted by Sew Mama Sew, was a great way to find a TON of new sewing and craft blogs! From 3 Beans Studio:

  1. I take my self and my blog rather lightly. I like to joke and I do use sarcasm (I’m waiting for Google to develop the sarcasm font, that way there is no confusion.) When in doubt, just laugh because what ever your reading is probably my lame attempt at a joke. If you laugh at it, you’ll find it’s actually IS sorta funny ; )
  2. I’m working VERY hard at giving up expletives. So occasionally, you might find some slightly “questionable” words…but I really am trying to keep the full on cursing and belittling of humans for when I’m behind the wheel and in the safety of my own vehicle! ; )
  3. My daughter has an unhealthy obsession with Baby Jaguar. I swear the amount of jaguar print fabric that shows up in my sewing is entirely to appease my little Diva’s heart.
  4.  My sewing space is called my “Sweat Shop.” I KNOW. It’s very tempting to get political on me–seeing as how I’m Asian and working in a ‘sweat shop’ with LOTS of little kids around to help me, but really it’s all for YOU, my followers, that I subject myself to it.
(I admit that I chuckled at #4--how postcolonial!)

And here's the awesome pattern that I won, along with 2 fat quarters of Habitat:

Thanks so much, Susanne!

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