Friday, May 20, 2011

Adventures in Summer Sewing: Swimsuit Applique!

With the end of the Spring semester, and still no permanent (or even temporary) job in sight, I have started thinking about summer sewing--because it's more fun, and because I have the leisure to do it!  A while back, I ordered some spandex for swimsuits from Chez Ami Childrenswear.  Chez Ami has some really high quality fabrics, especially knits, which are reasonably priced and which often go on sale!  So I have three different prints (two of which coordinate) and a solid pink.

 After much debate over the three Ottobre Design swimsuit patterns I have, from the Summer 2011 issue, the Summer 2009 issue, and the Summer 2004 issue (which I bought as a backissue a month or two ago), I decided to go with the Summer 2009--more because I had traced the correct sizes before I received the Summer 2011 and 2004 issues than because it was the one I wanted to make most... Here is the pic from the magazine:

I am making them in pink, which also happens to be the color of the swimsuit in the magazine, basically because I felt more comfortable "risking" the solid color rather than the more unique prints, since it is my first attempt at sewing on spandex!  I was not originally going to try the seahorse applique, but after showing the three patterns to my husband, he was so taken with the seahorse that I decided to go for it!  Here are the seahorse appliques:

Ottobre's instructions are brief, but really precise and accurate.  The real trick was the iron-on stabilizer!  I bought some Sulky thread for the occasion (my first real applique--and on spandex!).  I tried out some iridescent purple thread on the fin of the smaller swimsuit (for my 3T girl--Euro sz. 98) and used a super shiny pink thread for everything else.  The eye is an iron-on decorative stud.  I'm pretty proud of them!  I hope the rest of the suit looks as good when finished!

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