Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Musing on Women's Swimsuits...

Since the summer issue of Ottobre Design Woman came out a few months ago, I have been pondering the swimsuit pattern, which I was excitedly anticipating.
I love the idea of a tankini, but I am not crazy about the halter style.  Frankly, halters look terrible on me, and I have my doubts as to whether anyone who wears a D-cup should wear a halter.  Second, while I have not examined the bottom closely, I suspect that it is too low-rise for my liking--or my figure.  When this suit first appeared, I left a comment on the Ottobre Blog wishing for a different bust option on the tankini.  I have elsewhere seen the rutched sides described as "very forgiving" (and I wish I could figure out how the blogger added a bra in the swimsuit top!).

So I have been thinking about my own idea of a hybrid suit.  I wondered at first if the panty and cami patterns from the Winter 2009 Ottobre Woman might work as a swimsuit if made from the appropriate fabric.

Why have others not thought of this?  I wondered.  The panty options are very similar (but a bit higher), and the cami is attractive and modest.  The only thing I can think of is that the cami is very loose fitting on the bottom, which might cause it to lift in the water (rather like a maternity tankini does...).  I wonder, then, if it would be possible to combine the top of the cami pattern with the rutched sides of the tankini top, and then make whichever bottom(s) suit(s) my fancy?  Hmmmm...

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