Monday, March 31, 2014

SWAP: Sewing With A Plan, Summer 2014

It's been years since I heard of "SWAP," or sewing with a plan and tried it... I had a plan of sorts to make my daughter--then 3 or 4--an Ottobre wardrobe using mostly fabrics I had on hand.  I think I made one shirt that was very cute, and a pair of velour leggings that didn't fit, but did match, and then gave up because I didn't really like any of the fabric I was working with.  But it's time to revisit the SWAP, I think, and see how far I get this time.

This time, I would like to make myself an Ottobre wardrobe, including some pieces I've been wanting to make for years!  I do have some fabric to work with, but it's fabric I still like, which is important, and I know more about how to buy fabric that I will continue to like, whether or not I use it immediately. No more dull clearance fabric for me!!

So here's the plan:

I might make an extra pair of pants or two if they fit well (and if I stay focused!!)

Here's the breakdown, using Ottobre's numbering system, and the order of my sketches:

Ottobre 2/2014
#18-A sundress with an A-line skirt from a tan print with bold flowers
#7-A maxi-sundress with gathered tiers from a light sea-green eyelet linen
#8-A short-sleeved knit jacket from a brown lightweight knit with a nice drape
#15-A pin-tucked shirt - fabric TBA
#14-Pants with elastic in the back - would like a black or tan/khaki/lt. brown linen
Ottobre 2/2012
#19-A rayon top from a purple border print
Ottobre 2/2013
#2-A dressy tee that sits on the hip - from a solid knit
#13-A dressy tee with an asymmetrical drape feature - from a print knit with a nice drape
#20-Dressy trousers - from sateen
Ottobre 5/2007
#3-An A-line skirt - from a bottomweight print
Here are the fabrics I have so far!

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