Monday, March 31, 2014

A (short) Sewing Blog Round-up

In honor of trying to actually make a plan, stick to it, and blog it (we'll see, but I'll try), I want to put up a short list of blogs that I like, or people whose sewing I like who blog.  I am a member of the Ottobre English Yahoo! Group, which has members from all over the world sewing and discussing Ottobre patterns.  I discovered it early in my Ottobre Design adventures, and it gave me some hints and support with sewing Ottobre patterns.  (There's an accompanying Flickr group, as well.)  From those two sources, I discovered some very talented and creative people, including:
  • Pam at Off the Cuff - who does much more tailoring; always impressive!
And so many more whose blogs I have stumbled across before.  What is amazing is that the stories that go along with the people and the sewing.  So many of the members of the Ottobre Yahoo! Group sew for their children, their special needs children, their grown children, their grandchildren... And it is just nice to see the snapshot of the real people behind the wonderful things that they make!

Then, there are some I stumbled across while doing searches, like
  • LiEr at ikatbag - my all-time favorite because of the sheer level of creativity and variety of crafts!
  • Katy at no big dill - whom I love because of the themed sewing marathons
So this is my list.  I hope you find something to inspire and to share!

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