Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Dresses - Penultimate Post!

When I post the next picture, they will be done and modeled!  Last night I assembled the back and front skirt panels before bed. This morning I stitched the side seams, gathered and attached the skirts to the bodices.  I am pretty happy with my gathers this time, but does anyone who sews not hate gathering??

I took a better picture--with my camera instead of my iPod--to celebrate my progress:

I still have to put in the invisible zipper and hem the skirt, and then they'll be done!  Ready for Easter after all!  Not so my first project, which was supposed to turn into bunny treat bags.  Oh well.  Maybe next year!


  1. These look great!!! Did you sleep much last night? ha ha....the girls will be so proud. Good job.

  2. I LOATH gathering...must invest in a gathering attachment!(although it doesn't look as good....)

  3. Actually, I didn't stay up any later than usual! I was very tired. I'm taking it in stages, which I very rarely do...

    I think you've told me about gathering attachments before. The hardest part is getting it to look even. Wouldn't you still have to adjust even with the attachment?

  4. no they actually make little pleats in the fabric and they do not move.