Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Dresses and Skirts Pt. 2: ModKid Women's Skirt

Here is another unplanned modification of my SWAP...  I had originally intended to use this particular print for a sundress from Ottobre Woman 2/2014,

but decided to try out the skirt instead.  This is the Madeline skirt from ModKid--a skirt with four different variations and a yoga waistband that can be made from knit or wovens.

I made a version with pockets on the front because the pockets were cute and sort of matched the style of the print, being a little less "urban" and a little more... farm and country?

My results were mixed.  It seems that the XL is perhaps not quite large enough for me in the hips, even though it is cut on the bias.  It feels a bit snug even though I added a half-inch to the edges on the back, as if I were adding a seam allowance to an Ottobre pattern.  It isn't a great fit across the tummy, either, though my pictures sort of hide that.  I didn't like the shape--I wanted it to be more of an A-line than it is. I might like it more in a slightly heavier woven, or perhaps in the right knit? And finally, I'm not sure I like the pockets.  They add a lot of bulk, when my fabric is fairly delicate.  The pockets are lined, so that's part of it.  And those ties are each sewn from two tie pieces, again adding to the bulk.

My biggest dilemma was with the yoga waistband.  I find that even with those off-the-rack slinky knit maxi-skirts, I do not wear my normal size.  Or when the hips fit, the waist is too large, and I usually have the other problem. I did use a soft, slinky knit with some rayon in it, and perhaps that was the problem, but following the directions for how to make the waistband the right size left me with a skirt that would fall off if I didn't poke out my stomach, which wasn't really the look I was going for.  It was also too long for me, maybe because I'm short? 

The fix:  I took off the waistband, cut it way down to size so that it's now a 3" band that does not fold down.  I also made it tighter by two inches.  What I really needed was some elastic, though, because it still didn't feel secure.  So I added a quick drawstring made out of binding.  I hemmed it with a scallop, which makes for a nice detail, although I'm not sure "shabby chic" is my style...

It is wearable, and will look pretty cute with a navy tee that I already have.  I may also make an Ottobre tee out of the same brown knit I used for the waistband to dress it up a bit, if I feel like it...  This is why I'm not crazy about making skirts, or separates from prints--you have to make or find something to match!  Which is why sewing dresses is so nice... unless you need a shrug!

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