Friday, October 4, 2013

Overly-Ambitious Treat Bags

So as of last night, the mustache/monacle and keyhole treatbags are officially done!  The birthday girl confessed to me that, although she does like the moustaches, she isn't crazy about the treat bags.  Maybe it's the monacle?  Some of them look a little cyclopic.  What surprised me most about these is how much string/binding//ribbon it took for the drawstrping backpack.  Almost 1.5 yards each!!  I was fortunate to have a friend give me some spools of ribbon that she had, and I managed to use some I had lying around and bought some from Wal-Mart (for $1 less per spool than the same stuff at JoAnn's!).  Otherwise, it might have been pricier than I expected!  I will have extras, too.  This one is my favorite:
And this one is the favorite of the birthday girl's little sister, who picked the colors herself!:

The birthday girl herself can't decide which one she wants.  She likes the pink on turquoise, but prefers the keyhole to the moustaches.  I might have to make one more... *sigh*

I had these in the back of my head, I think:

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